4 Simple Ways to Enjoy Your Life More

Do you want to be happier?

I am happy with my life but always think there is room for more happiness. There are simple ways to get more enjoyment out of each day and enjoy your life more. Here are 4 simple ways to enjoy your life more and live a truly happy life.

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Be present

Have you ever completed a task and then realized it was done, but don’t actually remember doing it? Or have been driving home and suddenly realized you’re almost home, but you don’t remember actually driving? It’s because while we’re doing one task, our mind wonders and thinks about something else.

being present to enjoy your life more

Being present in the moment allows us to really enjoy each and every moment.

If you’re a busy parent (or just busy in general) and feel like it’s hard to find enough time to spend much time with your kids, your spouse, enjoy your own hobby, etc. think of spending ‘intentional time’ with them and on yourself.

Spending ‘intentional time’ with your kids would mean focusing 100% on them and the activity you’re doing.

Sure, spending 4 hours of time with your kids is great, but if you’re all on a device, or doing your own activity are you really spending time together? (Just FYI, I’m not judging or criticizing if you spend time together doing things you each enjoy).

Simply spending 45 minutes together playing a game, building, walking to the beach, or having a conversation about their day can mean more than a whole day.

Spending ‘intentional time’ on your hobbies would mean diving right in and enjoying that time, and removing all other distractions, including your phone, laptop, etc. and letting everyone know that you will be unavailable for those 30 minutes or hour. Having a full hour to focus on your activity could do wonders for being happier.

Know yourself

What really makes you happy? What do you truly enjoy during your day? Think about those things and then really savour them. Make sure you get to do these activities each day, even if it’s not as long as you would like.

I recently switched up my morning routine from waking up at 6 to go for a walk, and walking after I put my kids on the bus. With the fall here and the mornings getting darker, I wasn’t enjoying my morning walk the same as I did during summer.

So instead of stopping altogether, I simply adjusted the time I take my walk. Now I enjoy my walk again, get to enjoy the exercise and outdoors, and am happier than trying to walk at 6, just because that’s what I felt like I ‘had to do’.

Simply knowing yourself, and the little things that make you happy is a way to ensure more happiness in the day.


We spend so much time working hard, trying to be productive, and working to achieve things, but much less time celebrating those achievements.

The next time you achieve something, whether it’s big or small, try to celebrate. Whether you simply acknowledge the achievement, or you reward yourself with longer ‘me time’, a soothing bath, or more time for your hobby, celebrating your small wins and big victories adds more joy and happiness into your day.

How do you celebrate your achievements?

How do you celebrate your achievements?

Celebrating others is also a wonderful way of adding more joy and happiness to your day. If your spouse, kids, or coworkers do something great, let them know. Give them a compliment, share a special treat with them, or share their achievement with someone else. Acknowledging others and letting them know you recognize their hard work will make them feel good, and you as well.

Surround yourself with happy people

This is kind of obvious, but spending more time with happy, positive people will make you more positive, and happier.

I once worked with this amazing young woman, who every time she came into the office, it was so much happier and brighter. She was always so positive and smiled, and I loved being around her. How can you be unhappy with people like that?

How do you add more happiness into your day? Share with me in the comments below!