Choosing Your 2019 Word of the Year

The new year often means setting New Year’s Resolutions, but what if resolutions haven’t worked well in the past?

Have you ever set a New Years resolution, but a few weeks go by and you’ve already stopped working towards that goal?

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Two years ago, I started incorporating a word as the theme for my whole year, and it has done amazing things for me. So I decided to choose one word and that was my main focus for the entire year. While I still made goals and worked towards those goals, I always kept my word in the back of my head and it helped bring me back to my focus.

For 2017, I chose the word confident. I decided that one thing that was holding me back in business and personally was my confidence. I even did a video series about confidence on YouTube. Every time I did a presentation, or was speaking with someone, I thought of the word confidence and it helped remind me to step up my game and be confident.

Of course you don’t transform overnight, and I still work on being more confident, it definitely helped me improve. I decided from then on that each year I would choose a theme word.

How to choose a word of the year

There are a couple ways to go about this, but for me I decided on one area that was holding me back personally and in business. Then I chose the suitable word to focus on to get me over that.

Ways to choose a word of the year:

  • Decide on one area of your life that you want to improve, and base your word on that.

  • Choose an aspect of your life that you really want to focus on all year, and make that your focus.

  • Determine something that you want to achieve and focus on that you might never thought of.

  • Your word of the year could be the focus of your whole life, or smaller parts of it like only your personal life, business, relationships, etc.

At the start of 2018 I decided that I wanted to obtain a larger, higher paying client so that I could make more money in my business, but more importantly, so I could provide them with better, more quality service. I also wanted to live a more present, joyful life. I decided to chose the word ‘uplevel’ so that I could uplevel every aspect of my life. It made me focus on how to do better, give more, receive more, be more present, and live a bigger, more wholesome life.

Ideas for choosing your word of the year:

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose one single word to represent your entire year. This year I have a general theme I want but can’t narrow down my one word. So while I was browsing different words and thinking of my word for 2019, I put together a list of potential words you can use for your year ahead.

Examples of Words to Choose for the Year

  • Confident (my word for 2017)

  • Uplevel (my word for 2018)

  • Passion

  • Joy

  • Adventure

  • Align

  • Play

  • Balance (possibly my word for 2019)

  • Centered

  • Relax

  • Dream

  • Magic

  • Focus

  • Grow

  • Organize

  • Simplify

  • Shine

  • Brave

  • Inspire

  • Empower

  • Intentional

  • Flow

  • Money

  • Calm

  • Pause

  • Listen

  • Free

  • Ambition

  • Action

  • Harmony

  • Yes

  • Whole

  • Thrive

  • Me

  • Simplicity

  • Service

  • Connection

  • Present

  • Nourish

  • Whole

  • Complete

  • Persistence

  • Kind

  • Grace

  • Dream

  • Discipline

  • Devotion

  • Creativity

  • Create

  • Abundance

  • Authentic

  • Daring

  • Emerge

  • Friendship

  • Humility

  • Strength

  • Sparkle

  • Healthy

  • Rooted

  • Trust

  • Love

  • Prayer

  • Accept

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Do any of these words work for you? What word did you choose for 2019? Share with me in the comments!