How to Create a Vision Board for 2019

Whether you’re reading this at the beginning of the new year, or halfway through the year, creating a vision board is one of the best ways to dream and visualize what you want with your life, and turn those dreams into reality.

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What is a Vision Board

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a vision board is a collection of images, words and quotes which are arranged on a board, book, or digitally, to represent what you want from your year.

Vision boards include:

  • vacations you want to take

  • goals for your business

  • how you want to feel - calm, organized, loved, etc.

  • where you want to live

  • your ideal home

  • your relationships

  • things you want to accomplish that year, like writing a book, how much money you want to make, etc.

What is the Purpose of a Vision Board?

A vision board allows you to dream of what you want your life to look like, visualize your dream life, and then keep those dreams in front of you every day, by displaying them and viewing them daily.

Oftentimes, we aren't clear what we want our life to look like, or we don’t keep your dreams and goals at the top of our mind each day. A vision board brings clarity to your life, and makes visualizing your ideal life easier.

What do you Need to Make a Vision Board?

If you’re creating a physical vision board (you can create a digital vision board, as explained below) you will need a board or book, glue, photos, magazines to cut out images, words, and phrases, and scissors.

If you’re creating a digital vision board, you can use Pinterest by creating a new board, either secret or public, and start pinning images to it. You can also use Instagram by saving images into a new collection which you can call Vision Board.

Physical Vision Boards Versus Digital Vision Boards

When I first attempted to create a vision board a few years ago it was a disaster. I used a plain piece of brown cardboard, and couldn’t find images that I liked. I took a break from creating my vision board and never picked it back up. It just didn’t inspire me.

That’s the thing about your vision board, you need it to inspire you and look beautiful to you, or else it isn’t going to motivate you to visualize the life you love.

I still knew the power of visualization, so I decided to create a digital vision board using images I found online, and mixing that with my goals and dreams. I loved it!

The reason I loved my digital vision board is that I could open the document and look at it as I wanted to. It was easy to look over, and the travel photos left me energized to work hard so I could plan those trips!

You need to create what feels right to you, not what anyone else tells you you have to do.

What is a Vision Board Party?

Hosting or attending a vision board party is a way of creating your vision board along with a group of other inspired and dream-filled people who want to create their vision board too. There are online vision board parties and groups, and offline vision board workshops.

If you’re finding it difficult to create your vision board, try searching for a local vision board workshop to help you get on track, or consider hosting one yourself.

How do I Make a Successful Vision Board?

Anyone can slap together a bunch of photos on a board, but you want your vision board to inspire you and represent what you want your year to look like.

How to Create a Vision Board for 2019
  1. Clear your space. Start by clearing a space to create your vision board, preferably somewhere that you feel relaxed, creative and inspired.

  2. Visualize. Start by taking a few minutes to think of what you really want your year to look like. What are your ultimate goals? How do you want to feel this year? Where do you want to go?

  3. Be in a positive state of mind. Before creating your vision board, consider going for a walk, flipping through Pinterest or Instagram to notice photos or blogs that inspire you, or do another activity that allows you to think to yourself about what you want this year to look like.

  4. Be prepared. Make sure you have all the items ready before you start your vision board. Once you gain momentum you don’t want to have to stop to go find more magazines or your scissors. If you want to create a vision board, start collecting images ahead of time.

  5. Attach your images. Once you have your images, words and quotes cut out, start arranging and attaching your images to your board. Remember to think of the background of your board and not use a yucky, boring piece of brown cardboard like I did, or if you do, cover it first with a pretty fabric or paper. If you have a Word of the Year, make sure to include it!

  6. Look at your vision board daily. Place your vision board in a place where you will see it all the time, that way you keep your dreams and visualizations top of mind each day. You could even turn your vision board into a beautiful piece of art in a frame that you hang in your living room. Or maybe you want to keep it more private and hang in your closet so you can see it each morning and night.

  7. Do something. Having dreams, goals, and a life you aspire to is fantastic, but you still need to do actions daily to bring you closer to your goals. Create a list of action steps that you are going to do in order to achieve your goals. Write your goals down. Do something each day that brings you closer to your ideal life. You can start by reading 4 Ways to Find Your Passion.

Have you ever created a vision board? What was your experience? Share with me in the comments!