How to Find Joy in Each Day

Have you ever did an activity and didn’t really appreciate it? Or drove home after work and didn’t even realize you were almost home?

Not being present and enjoying the moment we are in makes us miss out on some pretty incredible things.

How to Find Joy in Each Day.png

At the end of June I moved, and we started living really close to a beautiful beach. Every morning I woke up and went for a walk along the beach, which was amazing.

One thing I started to do was bring my phone along with me, but to use the camera on it. I focused each morning to find one thing that I found beautiful along my walk (not that hard since I was on the beach!).


Now, this may sound like a silly thing to do, but it has now trained me to constantly be looking around and paying attention to the simple things along my walk; the rocks, the trees, the clouds. Day after day I walk along very similar scenery, yet each day I find something new and beautiful to a photograph.

Making a challenge to myself to take a beautiful photograph each day trained my brain to stop and really look and appreciate the view around me.

While you don’t need to physically take a camera with you, challenging yourself to find something beautiful in your morning walk, or noticing small acts of kindness, or gentle moments between your kids, are all ways to find joy in each day.

So here is a challenge to you: I want you to find something beautiful in your day, each and every day for a week. These don’t need to be big things, in fact, noticing the small things is important. It could be appreciating the sunset each night, taking time to dance each day, and really listening to the music and feel your body move, or it might be really listening to your kids each day tell you stories from their day.

Allowing ourselves to pause, appreciate, and enjoy small moments allows us to truly find joy each day.

Did you do the challenge? What are you going to do this week to try to find joy?