List of 101 Life Goals to Inspire You

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I was recently reading Jack Canfield’s blog (if you haven’t heard of him, you definitely need to read his blog posts and grab a copy of his book The Success Principles, he’s absolutely amazing, inspiring, and will set you up for success!) and got really inspired by his list of life goals.

My life goals for the next 6-12 months are:

  1. Buy a home (we’re currently renting a small cabin which has been fun, but it’s time!)

  2. Save for a family trip to Costa Rica (will likely be going in 2020, not 2019 because of the home buying situation)

  3. Start a new podcast (stay tuned!)

  4. Finish paying off our debt

  5. Start my journey to healthy living (exercise 3 times a week, continue walking each day, start snowshoeing!)

Life Goal List

I decided to also write a huge list of possible life goals in case you need some inspiration. I’m going to take some of these to incorporate into my 2-5 year goals!


  1. Travel across each continent: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Antarctica

  2. Travel through Europe (specifically I want to visit Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal)

  3. Walk Across the Great Wall of China

  4. Take an Alaskan cruise

  5. See Machu Picchu

  6. Take a road trip across a country

  7. See the Taj Mahal

  8. Visit the Grand Canyon by helicopter

  9. Explore the Great Barrier Reef

  10. Experience the Northern Lights


  1. Learn to rock climb

  2. Go on a kayaking trip

  3. Climb on a glacier in Alaska

  4. Go fishing in the Northwest Territories

  5. Go on a safari in Africa

  6. Become a certified scuba diver

  7. Snorkel in Hawaii

  8. Learn to sail

  9. Skydive

  10. Ride in a hot air balloon 

  11. Go on a river-rafting trip

  12. Go kayaking

  13. Fly in a glider 

  14. Dive in a submarine

  15. Learn to windsurf 

  16. Learn to ski 

  17. Ski black diamond level

  18. Ski in Europe

  19. Explore all 5 of Hawaii’s islands 

  20. Swim with the dolphins 

  21. Go to the Super Bowl

  22. Go to the Rose Bowl 

  23. Go to the Olympics 

  24. Take a motorcycle trip

  25. Go trekking in the highest mountains

  26. Go on a sailing trip

  27. Go diving

  28. Go cross country skiing


  1. Live in a healthy body at my ideal weight

  2. Participate in an Olympic distance triathlon

  3. Finish a half Ironman triathlon

  4. Finish a full Ironman triathlon

  5. Finish in the top 5% in a half marathon

  6. Learn Muay Thai boxing

  7. Get down to single digit body fat %

  8. Get six-pack abs

  9. Do 100 days of consecutive running

  10. Train for a marathon in 4 Weeks

  11. Do yoga for 40 days in a row

Personal Achievements

  1. Write a best selling book

  2. Write a children’s book

  3. Appear on a television show

  4. Learn to sing and play 10 popular songs on the guitar

  5. Appear on a radio show

  6. Make one million dollars in one year

  7. Donate $100,000 in one year

  8. Golf 18 holes under 90

  9. Run a 10k race

  10. Run 14 miles in less than 3 hours

  11. Meet a U.S. president while he/she is still in office

  12. Build or buy my dream house 

  13. Own a vacation home in Hawaii

  14. Assemble a good art collection

  15. Own the car of my dreams

  16. Give a university commencement address

  17. Publish 100 books

  18. Learn to speak Spanish fluently

  19. Appear in a movie

  20. Learn to paint with oils

  21. Publish a poem

  22. Master 5 magic tricks

  23. Learn how to take amazing photographs

  24. Appear on the cover of a magazine

  25. Give a talk to an audience of 10,000 people

  26. Weigh my ideal weight

  27. Run a mile under 6 minutes

  28. Do a fire-walk

  29. Start a blog

  30. Meet this person

  31. Attend the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee

  32. Attend the Country Music Awards

  33. Attend the Oscar Awards ceremony

  34. Obtain an advance for a book 

Contribution / Spiritual Goals

  1. Volunteer at a hospital

  2. Participate in a meditation retreat

  3. Help a business in a developing country

  4. Help a family in need

  5. Make 20+ donations in a year

  6. Help build a school in a developing country

  7. 60 days of meditation

  8. 30 days of helping others

  9. Turn my birthday into random acts of kindness for others

Financial Goals

  1. Generate $1,000 from online

  2. Generate monthly recurring passive income

  3. Have zero personal debt

  4. Become location independent

  5. Become financially independent

  6. Have $10,000+ in savings

  7. Invest in the stock market

  8. Build a six-figure business

  9. Diversify income from at least five sources

Let me know your life goals so I can add them! Share with me below!