Using the Phrase "Until Now" to Completely Change Your Perspective

I mentioned recently that I had attended an art journalling class with Heidi Hunter. And I loved it!

She not only taught us some really cool drawing and painting techniques, but she taught us the value of the ‘Until Now’ theory.

Someone in the group said something like '“I’m not a creative person”, and Heidi replied “Until Now”.

Simple, yet, totally life changing.

Is there something that you’ve said, and if you added the simple phrase Until now after it, it totally would have changed you.

Think of some negative phrases you say to yourself:

“I’m not creative”

“I’m not passionate about anything”

“I’m not interesting”

Now say those same phrases to yourself, but add “until now” after them.

It changes the whole phrase doesn’t it?

I think this is a fantastic way of turning a negative thought into a positive and giving us a way to think differently about something.

Once you start adding the until now part onto your negative phrases, think of some ways that you can make that a reality. How can you become more creative starting right now? How can you be passionate about something starting right now?

I absolutely love this idea, what do you think? Do you think there is power in the phrase “Until now.”?