4 Ways to Find Your Passion

What is my passion? Have you ever asked yourself that question?

I recently attended a conference, and Tony Robbins said “Success without fulfillment is worse than failure” and I absolutely loved that. It’s amazing to achieve success, but if you aren’t happy, you aren’t living a fulfilled life and actually enjoying your life, it’s not really success.

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to find your passion and truly enjoy each and every day. Here are 4 things to do to help you find your passion in life.

Be present

One thing I’ve been trying to do is be more present in simple moments and be grateful for little things. When I’m going on a morning walk, I stop and admire how beautiful the beach is, and really try to be present.

I notice that for me, I tend to always be thinking of something else, and it takes away from what I’m experiencing right now.

Now, what does being present and finding your passion have to do with each other?

Well, it’s hard to know if you love something, if you aren’t paying any attention to it. If you’re taking a walk on the beach and really take in the beauty, you might be inclined to take a few photos, and discover you really have a love of photography. Or, you might notice some cool looking stones on the shore and discover a love of rock collecting.

Being present may sound like an easy task, and if it is, that’s great. For me, it’s a challenge, but something I’m working on. It really has helped me pay attention and focus on what I’m doing versus what happened earlier that day, or what I need to do later.

Do something

Marie Forleo says it best when she says “You can’t find your passion, thinking about it in your head”. We need to do things to help us find our passion. This could be new things, or doing something that we used to love and for whatever reason, we stopped.

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There is an endless amount of things you could be passionate about; painting, traveling, sports, writing, music, dancing, reading, baking. Kaplan International posted this article about unusual hobbies, including things like competitive duck herding and tree shaping!

But what if you never tried that new thing? You might have something you are very passionate about, yet you never try anything new, and don’t discover it.

I have several interests including painting, writing and reading, but I think there are more things out there that I haven’t experienced that I would love. Maybe my passion could be trying new things. But whatever it might be, I want to keep trying new things to see what I discover.

Let’s challenge each other. Let’s write a list of 5 things that we want to do over the next few months. It can be anything! It can even be something that you’ve tried before, but haven’t done for a really long time. The focus is actually doing something, not just thinking about it.

I’ll share my list with you, and you can leave your list in the comments below.

List of 5 things to do in the next month:

  • write everyday

  • hike the Cup and Saucer trail on Manitoulin Island

  • complete a painting

  • start a rock collection

  • start a new podcast

As you can see, my list isn’t wild and crazy, but it does give me some things to dive into again and see if I still enjoy doing them. I have already hiked the Cup and Saucer trail, but I haven’t been for years and it’s a beautiful spot. I love painting and was really into acrylic and oil painting but stopped for some reason.

What activity brings you joy? What small thing could you do today to explore that?

What activity brings you joy? What small thing could you do today to explore that?

I felt kind of silly writing ‘start a rock collection’ and I’m not sure why. But I decided to keep it because even though something might feel silly, if it brings you joy and you love it (and you aren’t hurting anyone or doing something illegal) why not do it!

Share your list with me in the comments below!

Think of what brings you joy

Do you ever think of what really makes you happy? When you think of anything that brings you joy, what comes to mind? Spending time with your kids? Taking your dog for a walk? I want you to think of anything, big or small.

Think of activities you enjoy, people you love being around, what makes you happy indoors/ outdoors, what music makes you happy. Are you happy when you write, or when you create something? Do you love helping people?

If you’re having a hard time thinking of something, think of what brought you joy as a child.

What brought you joy as a child? This could help you find your passion as an adult.

What brought you joy as a child? This could help you find your passion as an adult.

Do you remember being a kid and there were things that you absolutely loved? I loved horses, creating books and drawing. These are things that maybe I could incorporate into my life now and find my passion in those things.

What brought you joy when you were young?

If you still can’t think of anything, change your environment. Go outside, go to the library, check out an art gallery. Sometimes when I can’t think of something I need a change of scenery and it let’s my creativity flow better.

This will be an ongoing activity. Once you create your list, you can change this up, and new things might come to you every once in awhile.

Talk to someone close to you

The people we are closest too often see things about us that we don’t even see about ourselves. This is a perfect opportunity to ask them a couple questions to see if they have an idea about your passions that you might not have thought about.

Ideas of questions to ask:

  • if you could tell me what to do for a living, what would it be?

  • What hobby can you see me doing that I don’t do already?

  • When do I seem the happiest?

  • What is my best characteristic?

  • When do you have the most fun with me?

Some things you hear from your loved one might surprise you, or it might seem obvious. No matter their answer, take note, and keep those answers in your mind. Try to keep an open mind because they might just have an idea that could lead to your passion!

Finding your passion doesn’t mean limiting that to one thing. You might have many passions and that’s amazing. The end result is living a joyful, fulfilled life and enjoying your passion(s) as often as you can.