What to do When You're Not Passionate About Anything

Are you worried about finding your passion because you feel like you aren’t passionate about anything? Here are some tips to find your passion and what to when when you’re not passionate about anything.

Stop searching and start doing

The one thing about finding your passion is that if you try to hard, or search too long without actually doing anything, you may always be searching.

Yes, you can certainly try different things, and see what you truly love to do, but sitting around thinking about it won’t help you.

Try reading 4 Ways to Find Your Passion, for some ideas of things to do.

Start trying new things and you might just discover what you’re passionate about.

Start trying new things and you might just discover what you’re passionate about.

If you need some ideas for a hobby you might love, read this Ultimate List of Hobbies to get you started.

Try some new things, volunteer, travel, visit friends, walk, meditate, just do something. Start trying things and even if you find things that you don’t love, at least you are doing something. A passion might not be discovered overnight so try to be patient.

Pay attention to things that peak your interest

Once you start trying new things, pay attention to what type of activity really brings you joy. Do you love more creative things? Is volunteering when you really feel alive?

For me, I always seem to be drawn to anything creative. If there is a conference about creating or design, I am interested. If there are classes about painting, drawing, or anything along those lines, it has me interested. But I also have an interest in travel and business. Just because you have more than 1 interest doesn’t mean anything is wrong, you just need to pay attention to those likes.

Be open

While you’re trying new things, be open to new possibilities. If someone asks you to try something and you really don’t think you would like it, try it anyway. How can you know for sure that you won’t love kayaking unless you actually try it.

what to do when you're not passionate about anything

If for some reason you are drawn to writing, but you have never been able to write, pay attention to that inkling and don’t dismiss it. It could be drawing you closer to your true passion.

Don’t let your thinking get in the way of finding your passion. Sometimes we over think things when we should just be open, try new things, and see what happens.

Are you truly passionate about something? Share with me below!