Why Setting Life Goals Are Just as Important as Yearly Goals

Making new year's resolutions and setting yearly goals is fairly common practice, but what about having life goals?

Lately there has been a theme with several people that I follow online. They set big goals for their year, worked so hard to achieve them, and then once they did, realized they still weren't happy.

Sound familiar?

Setting yearly goals are fantastic, don't get me wrong, but they need to be aligned with something greater. This is where your life goals come in.

What is the difference between a life goal and a yearly goal?

A yearly goal is something we set to achieve that year such as a goal to make $250,000 that year, or to sell your online course to 500 people. People often set financial, personal, health, and relationship goals and choose a deadline during that year in order to make them actionable.

A life goal is a goal that is made that is more of an overarching goal. It is still something that you want to obtain, but instead of achieving it over the course of one year, it's something that is engrained in your life. These goals are almost like having a bucket list.

An example of a life goal would be "I will travel to Europe and visit Italy, France and Spain", or "I will write a children's book". 

Once you have a list of life goals in mind, you can then create a yearly goal in order to achieve it. If your goal is to write a children's book, then possibly your yearly goals are to

- create an outline and choose a title by February 15, 2019

- find an illustrator for my book by March 30, 2019

- complete a rough draft of my book by April 30, 2019

- publish my book by ______

You have to set goals that are almost out of reach. If you set a goal that is attainable without much work or thought, you are stuck with something below your true talent and potential.
— Steve Garvey

Your life goals set the theme for your yearly goals, and help align your yearly goals so that you set the right goals. 

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How to get started with setting life goals

Before you start setting your life goals, you need to first visualize and imagine what your ideal life looks like.

- Where do you want to live?

- What does your home look like? 

- What kind of job do you have?

- Do you travel often? 

- What kind of activities do you do?

- What do you want to achieve during your life?

- What are you passionate about?

Take some time and consider how you want to feel each day, who you want your friends to be, what kind of relationships you want to have and what you want to accomplish over your lifetime.

If you discover that everything that you visualize surrounds having a lot of adventure in your life, then you know your life goals will be focused on that, and you can set your yearly goals accordingly. If your ideal life is centred more on creating a family and home, you know your goals will be tied more to that.

Setting life goals are important, and will help achieving your yearly goals more worth it. If you're setting yearly goals right now with no clear vision of what you want your life to look like, you might end up achieving your goals and realizing you set the wrong ones.

Next steps

Once you have your list of life goals, decide on 2 or 3 of the most important that you want to achieve first. Then, break those down into actionable steps and then set your yearly goals in order to obtain them.

Life goals aren't always going to be achieved within one year. You might want to create a vision board and attach images of your life goals to it, to keep you focused and help you continue to visualize the life you want. 

Do you have life goals? Share them with me below!